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WhatsOn Won Global Changemaker Award, UN Sustainable Goals

WhatsOn Won Global Changemaker Award, UN Sustainable Goals

WhatsOn won the “Global Changemakers Leadership Award”, UN Sustainable Development Goals. It was selected by the jury board, which included many prominent parliamentarians & professors from SARC countries. WhatsOn was amongst many nominees, but WhatsOn with its huge support base won the prestigious award!

UN Sustainable Goals is a non-profit organization. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are also known as Global Goals. There are a set of 17 interrelated goals that are meant to act as a “common design for peace and prosperity for both humans and the environment today and into the future.”

Photo: Sam Alim, WhatsOn Founder with Foreign Minister, Bangladesh

The success story of WhatsOn

The Global Changemakers Awards & Summit, one of its signature events, took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from January 24 to 27. As a progressive international network, WhatsOn won the Global Changemaker Leadership Award. 

WhatsOn won the award worth fully. However, they are working for global change for more than 30 years. The head office of WhatsOn is in the UK, with a worldwide network. Its core values are diversity, equality, participation, and solidarity. WhatsOn’s mission & vision is Modernity and to change the world for the better. The hard work of the whole WhatsOn team made it possible to win this award. It is a massive success for them. This win indicates that this organization is really doing something valuable and progressive to change the old version of the world.

The founder of WhatsOn, Sam Alim said, “If you’re true to your dreams and with determination & vision you can win every obstacle”. He also added, “If you bring revolutionary change to your life which ultimately brings positive change to society.”

Most significantly, last but not least Sam Alim, on behalf of the whole WhatsOn, thanked everyone for honouring them. He said, “Thank you so much to Global Leadership UN Sustainable Goals for giving the Award to WhatsOn. I started my journey with WhatsOn at 15, so I went through a lot and worked with so many wonderful people. This Award is a recognition for all WhatsOn Staff, Supporters & Friends.”

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